About us

Who We Are
Full Circle Medical Center for Women is a Christ-centered ministry based in Athens, TN. Full Circle began in 1998 as a pregnancy care center, providing support and peer counseling to women and families in need. In 2003, the ministry became an officially chartered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  There are three brands currently offered by Full Circle.

Why We Are Here
Full Circle exists to bring compassionate care to women facing an unplanned pregnancy.  We communicate God's love for both parent and child, and follow God's plan by ministering to their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.  Full Circle also aspires to reducing teen pregnancy and unplanned pregnancy through abstinence based education, encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Vision
Full Circle is prayerfully focused on improving our community and beyond by loving others and exposing them to the gospel of Christ. We strive to help families faced with an unplanned pregnancy while working to expand in the areas of Prevention, Intervention, and Restoration, as outlined in our mission statement.

Our Mission

  • The OnTRAC Postitive Youth Development Program is designed for prevention of teen pregnancy.  The curriculum is compliant with state guidelines, and provides a consistent, encouraging presence in the lives of students in all schools in McMinn, Meigs, and Polk counties. The goal of our educators is to reduce the number of pregnancies and other harmful behaviors among our youth by providing education, healthy alternatives, and teaching sound decision-making skills to those in high-risk settings.

  • Outlook Women’s Services is designed to intervene by providing options counselling to and free medical services to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.   Our nurse shares factual information and truth about available options.  We refer for adoption planning, and offer a parental mentorship program for those who choose to parent.

  • OAKS Abortion Recovery is designed to restore women who have chosen abortion in the past.  Her Choice to Heal, the study that we use, is facilitated by a post abortive woman who desires to lovingly guide others to the peace and forgiveness of God through His Son, Jesus Christ.